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  • Alex Anticipates an Auspicious Arrival

    Hello, fellow Sega Maniacs! I’m genuinely excited to be writing to you all because that means I have the privilege of working on a project that rea...
  • Welcome to the Party Pal!

    We’ve just finished all of the work on issue 3, which we’re all very excited about, and I type this, somewhere else in the UK a giant printing press is working it’s mechanical magic, and then before we know it Tim’s house will be full of copies of the magazine, ready to be shipped to you.
  • How our shipping process works

    A run through of how our shipping process works and why magazines can take so long to get to you sometimes.
  • Video update on issue 2, issue 3 and other bits and bobs

  • Simon Pike on life and issue 2

    Since May of this year, I've been living in the early nineties. Seriously, becoming a writer for Sega Mania Magazine has enveloped my life and drag...
  • A short-ish video from Tim, talking about shipping and other magazine news

    Our editor Tim gives an update on shipping and other news to do with the magazine.
  • Head maniac Tim Hugall on the launch of Issue 1

    I haven't seen my wife and daughter for around 2 months now. I'm not actually certain that they still live here. What started as a "wouldn't it be ...
  • Writer Simon Pike shares his thoughts on joining Sega Mania Magazine

    That kid I used to be, the one lying on the sofa reading the latest issue of Mean Machines Sega from cover to cover while One Foot in the Grave played on the TV in the background, I want to say that he would be proud of me...