Sega Mania : Issue 4 – The Secret Code

On the back cover of Issue 4, at the very bottom, was a secret code.

It seems that nobody really seemed to notice it, as only two to three of our customers ever asked what it was.

We did leave some clues on social media about it, but it just completely failed to gain any traction and nobody ever figured out its purpose.

Had you deciphered and followed the clues we left on Twitter and Facebook, you would have found yourself on the FAQ page of our website. Buried within the text was a link which led to a hidden page on Tim’s personal blog (now defunct).

This page contained a code entry box. Putting in the code from Issue 4 would reveal a picture of Sonic the Hedgehog saying congratulations, and a unique email address. Sending a message to that email address would have resulted in you winning one of five Retro-Bit Sega Controllers.

It seemed such a neat idea but it just totally bombed. Shame.