Sega Mania : Issue 3 – December 2021

Issue 3 was a very special issue. Since the beginning we’d always wanted to do a cover CD but it had to wait until we finally reached 1992 and the announcement of the Mega-CD, due to Tim’s mad idea for a cover design to accommodate it. After working with the musical genius Audio Sprite to create a mix featuring some of his best Sega themed tracks, we went about getting a thousand CD’s pressed. These weren’t just CD-R’s but proper production discs. The CD was mounted on the cover as if it was coming out of the Mega-CD’s disk tray.

You can listen to the cover disc on this site here.

Issue 3 was also when Stephen Andrews and Alex Aldridge joined the magazine, taking us up to a team of six.

This issue also exposed us to the harsher realities of magazine production. On Christmas Eve 2021, our courier finally admitted that they had lost our entire UK shipment of magazines, some 500 copies. This cost us over £1000 in damages and as a result many customers didn’t get their copy until February 2022.


Issue 3 Gallery

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