Sega Mania : Issue 1 – July 2021

The initial Sega Mania team consisted of Tim Hugall, Sam Forrester and Simon Pike. With Michael Wadkins providing our movie reviews.

We started work on the first issue of Sega Mania Magazine in March 2021 and it was completed in late June. The very first version was produced in very limited numbers and sent to prominent retro game bloggers and enthusiasts in an effort to get the marketing ball rolling. This initial version differed slightly to what was eventuality released to the public. However, due to the digital file for this version suffering from corruption, we are unable to share it with you at the present time.

After taking around 500 preorders, Issue 1 was unleashed on the public in July 2021 and went on to sell around 1500 copies in total.

Issue 1 Gallery

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