Other/Future Projects

Take a look at some of the other projects the ex-Sega Mania team staff are involved in.

How Haunted?

Listen to the How Haunted? Podcast, and allow author, ghost hunter, and paranormal historian Rob Kirkup to be your guide. Each episode sees us explore one of the most haunted places across the UK, as well as the occasional trip to some of the scariest places on Earth. 

We will look in depth at the, often dark and troubled, history of each location, and the chilling ghost stories. There will also be special follow-up episodes where Rob conducts paranormal investigations at some of these terrifying places, as well as BIG Halloween Spook-taculars.


The Video Game Hall of Fame

Following the demise of the magazine and its companion podcast. Rob, Alex, Simon and Steve have gone on to produce a brand new podcast, The Video Game Hall of Fame.

Each episode they discuss which game from a particular genre deserves to be inducted to the hall of fame. Check out their Twitter for more information or find it on all the major podcast apps.

Sim Fiction

If there’s one thing that Simon Pike loves to do, it’s write.

Not only does he create scripts for YouTube Channel TripleJump but he manages his own blog too. 

Full of musings on classic and contemporary games, every article is a joy to read. 

Definitely a site to bookmark. www.simfiction.co.uk

A Winner is You

A Winner Is You is a video game club podcast from the UK presented by Alex Aldridge and David Smillie.

We specialise in deep diving into the biggest and best games, both old and new, and deliver it all with irreverent banter and British humour.

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